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Econ110 L1/L2 Spring 2010, Problem Set 3 Due: Thursday, March 18th 2010, at the class mailbox (2 nd Floor, beside the general office of economics department (room 2394), Lift17, 18) Instruction : The chapters and pages are corresponding to the course textbook, Parkin Global Edition (9 th edition). Write down your full name and the last 4 digit of your student ID number on every page. If you have multiple pages, staple them together. Describe your answer clearly on A4 paper. If the answer is illegible to the grader, no credit will be given. When you draw diagram, label points, intersects, lines wherever necessary.
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Unformatted text preview: • No electronic submission is allowed. Print out the output and submit the hardcopy if you type the answers. Problems: Numbers in [ ] indicate the module objectives corresponding to each problem. A. Chapter5, problem 2, [(5.2)] B. Chapter5, problem 4, [(5.4)] C. Chapter5, problem 6, [(5.2),(5.4),(5.6)] D. Chapter6, problem 4, [(6.2)] E. Chapter6, problem 6, [(6.3)] F. Chapter6, problem 14, [(6.3)] G. Chapter9, problem 6, [(9.1)] H. Chapter9, problems 13, 14, [(9.2),(9.3)] I. Chapter9, problem 20, [(9.3)]...
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