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Introductory Microeconomics Econ 110 (L3) Spring 2011 Venue: LTB Time: Tuesday and Thursday 15:00PM - 16:20PM Start: February 8th End: May 17th Instructor: Xiaojian Zhao Office: Room 2356 Office hour: Tuesday and Thursday, 18:00-18:45 Email: [email protected] Homepage: Tutorial Session A: Friday, 13:30-14:20, Room 1504 B: Friday, 15:00-15:50, Room 4504 C: Wednesday, 18:00-18:50, Room 2406 Teaching Assistants Peter Tsui ([email protected]) Course Website Course Description Microeconomics studies markets based on decisions made by individual actors in an economy such as con- sumers, business firms and government, facing scarcity of resources. In this course, students will learn key concepts in microeconomics and basic tools to understand an allocation mechanism of markets. Learning Objectives On completion of the course, students are expected to be able to identify key concepts in microeconomics. describe basic models, such as demand and supply. demonstrate how these models work. explain basic economic phenomena, using economic models. make prediction about the outcome in a market, using economic models.
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Introductory Microeconomics 2 Assessment Scheme and Course Organization The course grade will be determined by following components. Problem Set (6): 20% Midterm Exam (in class): 35% Final Exam (3 hours): 45% This distribution will not be changed throughout the semester. There will be 6 problem sets and announced in class and due in a week. It will be collected in class. Late submission is not accepted in any circumstances. The midterm exam is held in class and scheduled on March 31st, 2011 . The final exam contains all the materials covered throughout the semester. In the case of absence at an exam due to medical reasons, the student is required to submit medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner. Appropriate documentation will be required for absences due to other reasons. Announcements, lecture slides, and supplementary materials (if any) will be updated onto the course website. If a student finds difficulties in the course and has any concern about the course, it is his/her benefit to contact me or the teaching assistant at the early stage. Required Textbook Parkin, M. (2010): Microeconomics , 9th ed., Pearson International, 2010. Most assignments are from the required textbook. If you wish to use the previous editions of Parkin, it is your responsibility to make sure that you submit the assignments based on the 9th edition. Learning environment
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syllabus_l3 - Introductory Microeconomics Econ 110(L3...

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