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How to change finishing features on Bancroft-Copier

How to change finishing features on Bancroft-Copier - 6 Go...

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Bancroft-Copier Stapling and Hole Punching Setup Kyocera Mita 4030 (I think, it’s the one located in the back room on the first floor) 1. Go to start -> Printers and Faxes 2. Right click on the printer “Bancroft-Copier” 3. Click Properties 4. Go to the device settings tab, and make sure that “3000 Sheet Finisher” is checked. Click OK 5. Open a document over 2 pages to test the staple and hole punch function.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Go file -> print, then select Bancroft-Copier and click the properties button. 7. In the new properties window, select the “Basic” tab. 8. Under the destination pull down menu select “Main Tray” then go to the “Finishing” tab and select which options you want. Ed Grauel 9/27/2007...
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