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HP LaserJet 4250 and 4350 Series Printers - Performing Preventive Maintenance You should replace certain parts when the PERFORM PRINTER MAINTENANCE message appears on the printer control panel display. This will help ensure that your printer maintains optimum performance. The maintenance message will appear every 200,000 pages. The message can be temporarily cleared for approximately 10,000 pages by using the CLEAR MAINTENANCE MESSAGE item on the Resets submenu. To check the number of pages the printer has printed since new maintenance-kit components were installed, print either a configuration page or a supplies status page. The printer maintenance kit includes: fuser rollers (transfer, pickup, and feed) installation instructions NOTE: The printer maintenance kit is a consumable item and is not covered under the original printer warranty or under most extended warranties.
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Unformatted text preview: After a maintenance kit is installed, the maintenance-kit counter must be reset. To reset the maintenance-kit counter 1. Turn the printer power off and then on. 2. When XXX appears on the control-panel display, press and hold down Product illustration ( Select button). Continue holding down Product illustration ( Select button) until all three printer control panel lights flash once, and then stay on. This might take up to 10 seconds. 3. Release Product illustration ( Select button) and press Product illustration ( Up button) to scroll to NEW MAINTENANCE KIT . 4. Press Product illustration ( Select button) to reset the maintenance-kit counter. NOTE: Perform this procedure only after a maintenance kit has been installed. Do not use this procedure to temporarily clear the PERFORM PRINTER MAINTENANCE message....
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