GA0900188_MA610_Asgn - Valbona Selimi GA0900188 150 East 61ST Street#1C New York NY 10065 [email protected](646-441-0955 MA610 Managerial

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Valbona Selimi GA0900188 150 East 61ST Street #1C New York, NY 10065 [email protected] (646)-441-0955 MA610 Managerial Accounting Assignment #5 Management Control Systems ACT May 3, 2011
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Divisional Performance Analysis Part A Wildcat, INC. and Steak n Shake Company Balanced Scorecard The balanced scorecard was introduced by Robert Kaplan and David Norton, which includes the strategic planning and management system. Ever since the introduction of the balanced scorecard system the companies have been using to ensure the company’s activities that will be in line with its strategies. The balanced scorecard has been comprehensively used to make sure that an organization’s strategic goals will be protected and do not become disrupted as an effect of poor organizational performance. There are a lot of organizations that used the balanced scorecard. The article that I have chosen is about Wildcat, Inc., and Steak n Shake Company. The nature of these two businesses is different Wildcat, Inc. is a retail company and Steak n Shake Company is a restaurant. The balance scorecard for both of these companies is a result of the necessity and importance of representing and presenting the usefulness in the numerous developments of their companies support. Wildcat, Inc. approach towards balance scorecard system has measure the improvement of the company’s performance, comparing to a traditional system that is focused only on a financial metrics. When comparing the nonfinancial (nontraditional) and financial (traditional) procedures that permits a company to gauge performance and, supposedly, improve employee/manager satisfaction, production efficiency, customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, long term financial performance. By starting off with objectives this retail company could easily tell the reason for measuring the organizations particular aspect. The Wildcat, Inc. strategy design was the important key for defining the objectives that were used on each point toward company’s development. The company contains two main strategies that are critical success factors, such as sales growth and inventory management. Increasing a sales growth strategy for Wildcat, Inc. Company is by improving their customer
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GA0900188_MA610_Asgn - Valbona Selimi GA0900188 150 East 61ST Street#1C New York NY 10065 [email protected](646-441-0955 MA610 Managerial

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