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Input Data and Output Process

Input Data and Output Process - Input Processes Output DVD...

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Axia College Material Appendix C Input Data and Output Process In the second column, list at least three processes (capabilities) necessary to keep track of your home CD or DVD collection. In the first column, identify the input data required for each of the processes. In the last column, identify a logical name for each output data item and type of output data (real number, integer, text).
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Unformatted text preview: Input Processes Output DVD Name CD Name 1.Get User Input DVD Name – Text CD Name – Text DVD Name 2.Alphabetize DVDs Alphabetized DVD List – Text CD Name 3.Alphabetize CDs Alphabetized CD List – Text Alphabetized DVD List 4.Add total DVDs Total Number of DVDs – Real Number Alphabetized CD List 5.Add total CDs Total Number of CDs – Real Number IT 210...
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