FIN3403 Syllabus

FIN3403 Syllabus - Spring 2011 January 10 April 22 FIN3403(Financial Management Section U02-C Ref 14975 Wednesday 5:00-7:40pm CBC 155 fgfgfgf

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Spring 2011 – January 10 – April 22 FIN3403 (Financial Management) Section U02-C – Ref. 14975 Wednesday – 5:00-7:40pm – CBC 155 fgfgfgf GENERAL INFORMATION Instructor: Badi Sabet Phone: 954-288-0175 (Cell) Office Hours: Wednesday 12:30 – 1:30PM, DM Bldg, 3 rd Floor, Economics Dept. For Technical Assistance please e-mail E-mail: [email protected] [email protected] fgfgfgf COURSE OBJECTIVES FIN 3403 is the core finance course required of all business majors. The course integrates practical and theoretical aspects of finance and includes concepts and techniques essential for success in all business disciplines. Emphasis is placed upon the underlying principles and practices and how they relate to the decision making process faced by a financial manager charged with the objective of shareholder wealth maximization. Although this course emphasizes corporate decision making, the skills obtained will also aid the student in personal finance and small business decision making. fgfgfgf MAJOR & CURRICULUM OBJECTIVES TARGETED • Apply critical thinking skills to complex business problems including: Identifying and evaluating relevant issues and information; Generating and evaluating possible solutions to problems. • Use quantitative analytical skills to: Identify and analyze material factors that are involved in business problems; Determine and apply appropriate problem solving techniques to business problems. • Use information technology as a tool to perform essential business tasks.
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fgfgfgf TEXTBOOK Financial Management Core Concepts , 1 st Edition, by Raymond M. Brooks, Pearson (Prentice Hall) 2010. ISBN 13: 978-0-321-15517-7 10: 0-321-15517-3 fgfgfgf TEACHING METHODOLOGY The structure of this class makes your individual study and preparation extremely important. You should read and be familiar with the material in the assigned chapter and attempt to solve some problems in advance of participating in the classroom lecture. Professor will provide answers to end of chapter questions online (those that are mentioned in the syllabus). Professor will utilize the Chapter Summary for lectures. After the class you should review your notes and in the process work additional relevant problems and questions at the end of the chapter. This class is large, so questions during the lecture cannot be entertained. If you have any questions, you need to come to my office hours to discuss them. You may also email me your questions during the week at [email protected] and I will respond in a timely manner. Participation : You are expected to attend all class sessions throughout the semester. If you miss any material, it is your responsibility to obtain the information from another student. Please note the following: 1) If you are not in class by 5:05pm, do not come in. 2)
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FIN3403 Syllabus - Spring 2011 January 10 April 22 FIN3403(Financial Management Section U02-C Ref 14975 Wednesday 5:00-7:40pm CBC 155 fgfgfgf

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