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ATB to P&L to Retained Earnings

ATB to P&L to Retained Earnings - PIONEER...

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Unformatted text preview: PIONEER ADVERTISING AGENCY INC. Mina-ted Trial Balance October 3| . 1m Amunt Debit Cash $15,200 Amunts Reneiwble 2m Advertising Supplies 1M Prepaid Insurance 550 Office Equipment 5M Accumulated Depreciation— Dffine Equipment Notes Payable AIL-mums Payable Unearthed Revenue Salaries Payable Interest Payable Com-m Stock Retained Earnings Dividends 500 Service Revenue Salaries Expense 5,21!) Advertising Supplies Expense 1,5111) Rent Expense Insure nee Expense Interest Expumse Deprrerlaflen Expense Credit less§ g E ...
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