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Model portfolios are typically comprised of six different asset classes: Stability of Principal (Conservative) Seeks to hold – but not necessarily guarantee – the principal value of an investment stable through all market conditions. May credit a stated rate of return or minimum periodic interest rate which may vary. Dividend rates and income levels fluctuate with market conditions and are not guaranteed. Bonds (Conservative/Moderate/Aggressive) Seeks income or growth of income, with less emphasis on capital appreciation. May include: • Aggressive: below-investment grade bonds or bonds of foreign issuers; • Moderate: investment-grade corporate bonds, mortgages, government bonds and, to a lesser degree, preferred stock, foreign or convertible bonds; • Conservative: Treasury Bills and other highly-rated, short-term (e.g., 90-day) securities. Large Cap Value (Moderate) Seeks long-term growth of capital or a combination of growth and income by investing primarily in stocks of larger, mature companies. Selected for price appreciation and for the value of the current income provided through dividends. Generally exhibit a lower level of price volatility, due to the types of companies favored, such as those able to pay dividends. Large Cap Growth (Moderate/Aggressive) Seeks long-term growth of capital by investing primarily in stocks of larger U.S. companies. Typically has higher price/earnings ratios and makes little or no dividend payments. Tends to be more established, with lower relative volatility, than more aggressive small and mid-cap stocks. Small/Mid/Specialty (Aggressive) Seeks capital appreciation by investing primarily in stocks of small- and medium-sized companies; also invests in “specialty” or “sector” companies, which include those in a particular industry. Generally, strives to develop new products or markets and has above-average earnings growth potential, but with higher risk and volatility. Global/International (Aggressive) Seeks capital appreciation by investing in foreign stock: stocks of companies outside the United States; world stock: stocks of companies in the United States and developed countries outside the United States; and emerging markets: stocks of developing countries. May provide greater diversification benefits than domestic securities alone, but involves additional risks. A model which lives up to your personal standards. WEBSITE
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KDC_10-1024%20KY_Model_Portfolio_r5_FINAL - White water...

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