Week 9 - are going to get a rush of Japanese individuals that are going to seek refuge in our country So our country will continue to be a huge

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The most useful information I have learned in the class that will aid me in understanding and relating to a specific minority group is; learning the reasons some of the other minority groups came to this country, be it by their own free will or being brought here to serve. Just being knowledge of the problems of someone who comes from a distant land only to be subjected to the verbal and physical abuse that goes on in many areas. I have not really learned anything new, but receiving an extensive refresher course in all of the injustices and all of the hurdles that black people in a whole have had to deal with, just to be looked at as equal. Trends in immigration will continue to provide a safe heaven or a means for an immigrant to become wealthy enough to take care of their families and acquire the American dream. This week there was a horrible tsunami in Japan that left a number of individual homeless, cripple and dead! But I fell that we
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Unformatted text preview: are going to get a rush of Japanese individuals that are going to seek refuge in our country. So our country will continue to be a huge melting pot of different people. The face of America will continue to change. Many people look at our country as a refuge from negative living arrangements, or a means to make a positive gain for their families. Natural disasters that are occurring all over the planet will be bringing more immigrants to our country. America is the land of opportunity and for ages it has been known that hard work will make it possible for you to succeed. The country could best prepare for the surge of people by being knowledgable of the situations other people go through. And we could also improve our level of compassion for people who don’t look like us....
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