week 4 assignment COM150

week 4 assignment COM150 - how to pick out the right artist...

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Running head: DOCUMENTING SOURCES 1 Documenting Sources Kelli Lorenc COM/150 February 20, 2011 Nanda Tewari
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DOCUMENTING SOURCES 2 Documenting Sources 1. Designboom. (2000). a brief history of tattoos . Retrieved from http://www.designboom.com/history/tattoo_history.html This source will support my section on the history of tattoos I will be able to talk about how tattoos are a part of the Bronze Age, pazyryk culture, Egypt, and many other cultures associated with tattoos and the meanings behind them. Furthermore it will also support part of my section on the “stereotypical and sensationalized association of tattoo design” and how tattoos and how tattoos are associated with sailors, criminals, and people in the circus. 2. Tattoo reviews. (2008). How To Find the Right Tattoo Artist . Retrieved from http://www.tattoomenow.org/How_To_Find_the_Right_Tattoo_Artist.html This source will allow me to support my section on how to not only find an artist but
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Unformatted text preview: how to pick out the right artist because if you are permanently “branding” your body (as many would put it) you want someone who is good safe and can see the same vision you see as well as make it better because when picking the right artist it can make your tattoos better if you pick the wrong artist you will spend your life regretting the decision to mark your body. 3. Cavalier, D. (2011, February 18). How to choose the right tattoo . Message posted to http://www.ehow.com/how_4723702_choose-right-tattoo.html DOCUMENTING SOURCES 3 • This source will help me in explain how to pick the right tattoo because this is so important so that when you get a tattoo you will not regret it or it won’t be too big or too small for the area you have chosen to put it. All of these websites will help me in writing my essay and allow me to provide solid and useful information....
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week 4 assignment COM150 - how to pick out the right artist...

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