COM105 checkpoint week2

COM105 checkpoint week2 - The most difficult step for me is...

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Running head: MY WRITING PROCESS 1 My writing Process Kelli Lorenc COM/150 February 3, 2011 Nanda Tewari
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MY WRITING PROCESS 2 My writing Process The writing process in this class is pretty much the same process I have used in the past. There are some differences in the tittles of each step, for example, step one was called brainstorming, step two was outlining, step three was both revising/editing, and step four was the final draft. Even though the names were changed they were basically the same thing. The easiest step in the writing process for me is step two, the drafting process is a very natural for me once I start expanding on my topics and putting them into paragraphs and it just begins to come together and it’s well written and well understood.
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Unformatted text preview: The most difficult step for me is step four the editing process, I have difficulties with spelling and grammar. There are many ways for me to overcome my grammar and spelling issues, first of all I can go to the center for writing excellence and if I go into tutorial &guides there are six different grammar tutorials, to help me succeed. Secondly, I can use a dictionary to look up words that I may not know how to spell. Finally, having a thesaurus will help me find the proper words and to find different words that mean the same thing so that I am not repetitive; by doing these things I can become a better writer....
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COM105 checkpoint week2 - The most difficult step for me is...

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