Week 1 assignment BUS210

Week 1 assignment BUS210 - system of task and authority...

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Running head: BUSINESS MODELS AND SYSTEMS 1 Business Models and Systems Kelli Lorenc BUS/210 April 1, 2011 Justin Philipp
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BUSINESS MODELS AND SYSTEMS 2 Business Models and Systems I used a local furnace company recently and their business model like most other company consisted of the three main components. The first component is business commerce, “which people produce exchange and trade goods and services” Jones (2007) (p. 11). With a company like this the goods are built into the service, in trade for the service that the repair man provides the customer/consumer pays for this service. The second component of a furnace company is business occupation that is an acquired set of skills that provides value to others. Furthermore, furnace repair is a highly skilled field and can be a dangerous one, it is also considered difficult for the average person, so a person will hire a furnace repairman to come out and use his or her skills. The final component in a business model is business organization, “the
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Unformatted text preview: system of task and authority relationship which coordinates and controls the interactions between people so that they work toward a common goal” Jones (2007) (p. 11). This is an important component to make a business successful, the furnace company will want to build a relationship with their suppliers, and so that they may be able to obtain a discount or quick delivery of tools or parts they may need to provide their services to customers. Furthermore, they will want to build a relationship with their customer base, so that customers will refer their company to friends, family, and associates so that the company will receive more customers making his or her business more profitable. BUSINESS MODELS AND SYSTEMS 3 Reference Page Jones, G.R. (2007). Introduction to business: How companies create value for people . New York , NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin....
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Week 1 assignment BUS210 - system of task and authority...

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