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Due l. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. cGN 3710 rloilrEwonK #l slED t tuAr/ t? 'at&cqimingofclass-itwillbelarifhmedindrningoraftcrclass. An insuldor is a mdcrbl wi0r how many valenco slcctrqrs? (Coogle!) A resfutor is color codcd red, augc, orugc, silver. Whc is thc valtrc ud rpcr ard lower tolcrrnce limit of ttrc rcsi$f? Wbat is thc crsc of florv of cunrent callcd? If you moasure dre cunwt in a circuit d th€ cun€rt is infinitc, wlrd is likely lryponing? A uit of darge which cqrains 6.25xl0rr eloctnms is knowr as A rcsi*c hs a vahrc of 2.2 Q+L 5olo. Hw will it be coM? A 2,5Kn rccisror hls 45 mA fhning O|ru|gh it Th rcsisror is dissip*ing I12.5 W
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Unformatted text preview: A 56Kn resigor has l0 mA flowing through it It is OK to usc a rcsisor with powcr rcing of l0 W? Truc cFalsc A 100-$d light bulb has a rcsiltancc mcasurcmcnt of 56O wtcn out of r circuit. Wlut is dre rceistance of thc btrlb whon it is in fu ctrtit with a nryly of 120 V? arestiom 10-14 rcftr to bclow. An rcgictus arc 15 ohns. 10. Whst is R'r? I l. Wbs is Ir? 12. trrb* at tlrc roltrgc &opc acroes dl &o resistors? 13. Whlr at! fic cunonB thru all drc rwistm? 14. Whd b dtc total powr consurrcd by thc circuir? 15. Whrt would ttc total ludstancc be if mcrcurcd bcrrocn points: rb?, r'c?, c-d? t. 9....
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