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Chapter 5-Elechical Theory DC Circuits fif you attanpt only afat, select those with a star) *6.1 For the circuit below, with voltages'polarities as shown, KVL in equation forrr is a) ot+az+?g-o+*?5 = Q b) -ar +oz+og-a+ *"5 = Q c) ot+az-og-o+*"s =0 d)-ur -o2'as*o4 *?5 = Q 6.2 Find Ir in amps. a)LZ b) ls c) 18 d) 21 20Cr *5.3 element in the box. a) 120 7r,,, . b)+ c)8 d) 12 l0v *6.4 For the circuit shown, the voltage across the 4 ohm resistor is, with a = 1 V {1/a b) L/2 c)2/3 d)2 6.5 The total conductance, in mhos, in the circuit shown below is a) 1/.5 b)7/2 c)2 d)s Find the magnitude and sign of the power, in watts, absorbed by the circuit tEF-i ffi-r ;. ..ffis
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Unformatted text preview: iffi F Electrical Theory-Practice Problems 315 6.6 The voltage across the 5 ohm reistor in the circuit shown is a) 1.0 b) 2.s c) 3.0 d) 5.83 6.7 The power delivered to the 5 ohm resistor is a) 1.5 b) 2.15 c) 285 d) 3.2 6.8 The power, in watts, absorbed by the 6 nho conductance in the circtrit be-low is a) 4.24 b) 0.2 c)b.ze d) 0.48 *6.9 The eqrrivalmt resistance, in ohms, between points a and b in the circuit be lolv is a)3 b)s c)7 d)8 5.10 The voltage V2 is a) 6.4 b) 4.0 c) Z0 d) s.5 6.11 Ftnd It in anperes. a) 4.0 b) 2.0 c) 4.11 d) 2.11 le^. , 4e 2A 8cl __-+ | 4() Il {6rt A 50v...
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practice%20problems%20for%20test%201 - iffi F Electrical...

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