CGN%203710%20COURSE%20SYLLABUS%20SUMMER%202010 - CGN 3710...

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CGN 3710 INSTRUMENTATION FOR CIVIL (ET AL) ENGINEERS COURSE OUTLINE Summer 2010 GOALS : To master the fundamentals of electrical circuits; to use these in addition to your knowledge of math, science and engineering — to setup, calibrate and use various sensors in conjunction with digital oscilloscopes and data acquisition equipment. OBJECTIVES : You will be able to analyze and solve DC and AC circuits, connect voltmeters and power supplies to strain gages and other types of sensors and conduct experiments using the devices. Based on the output from the sensors, you will be able to reduce the raw data, and formulate an engineering conclusion based on the results. OUTCOMES : You should be able to successfully complete the electrical portion of the “FUNDAMENTALS OF ENGINEERING” EXAM. You shall possess the knowledge and experience to specify, connect, conduct and reduce the output from the sensors that are commonly used in industry. INSTRUCTORS:
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CGN%203710%20COURSE%20SYLLABUS%20SUMMER%202010 - CGN 3710...

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