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EXAM 3, CGN 3710 flrs ti 7v" Eclf V. ANSWER A}.IY 5, THE 6M IS BONUS, B-.UT YOU MUST IDENTIFY ITIIII Str-c t C-f44 1. (10 pts) Given the data below, if the ambient tempemture of the lab is -16.6oC and you insert the measuring junction into water, what is the water temp if you read 3.136 mV, Choose the appropriarc thermocouple, Sensitivity (mV/oC (J) Iron/Constantan (T) Copper/Constantan (K) Nickel-Chromium / Nickel-Aluminum (R) Platinum / Platinum-Rhodium 0.014 -200 to + 1250 0 to + 1450 -@tMn/tz(--
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Unformatted text preview: T (urrrlesT evrfu.) t zo""/U x 3.ts(o-y' ?-16, b td ?.aL'c Ll6. l2"c 2. (10 pts) is this device\alled? If the unit was not l, would the reading be larger or smaller the correct readi What is the air flow rcte? (It is (sphere or float shown is the to measure low flow rates) If you want to run 5500 the ce in 80 seconds, what would you flowmeter reading to read? 67,72'C 3 Af 4o zT*rp, 5talCe S\" I o.o5.) Gnaefv)--5o 62,72 - /6.6= 16.12 c I I I r ll8 r Scale I reading t I-I-...
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