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Lab%20Syllabus%20-%20Summer%202010 - CGN 3710 Lab Syllabus...

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CGN 3710 – Lab Syllabus for Summer 2010 The Instrumentation Lab is a hands-on lab experience. Lab stations are designed to accommodate 4-5 students each and although you will be working in groups, each individual is responsible for completing and submitting their own independent lab report. Therefore, it is imperative that each student participate actively in each lab session. Teaching Assistants: Office Hours: TBD Lab Times: MTWR 5 th period You are expected to attend lab every week during your assigned lab time. You may not attend a different lab section without prior consent from a TA. Attendance: Attendance in every lab is mandatory and roll will be called. Students are expected to show up for their assigned lab on time as each lab period will begin with an introduction containing pertinent information. If you know you are unable to attend your lab session, contact a TA immediately to make arrangements to attend another lab section.
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