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Lab%201%20-%20Multimeters - LAB 1 USE OF MULTIMETERS There...

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LAB 1: USE OF MULTIMETERS There are three properties of any given circuit that we frequently measure: resistance, voltage, and current. These properties are related by Ohm’s law, which states that the voltage across any given component is equal to the resistance of the component multiplied by the current through it, or that V = I R. This equation works only if voltage is in volts, current is in amps, and resistance is in ohms. It is important to understand how to correctly measure these properties using the multimeter. Measuring Resistance Resistance is measured across (or in parallel with) the circuit element (resistor in this case) with the element disconnected from the circuit. Typically you remove the element, set the meter to read resistance, then connect the "Ohm" terminal to one side and the Common terminal to the other end. Measuring Voltage Voltage is measured in parallel with the power supply. Set the meter for Voltage, then connect the Voltage terminal to one side of the battery (the +) and the Common terminal to the other side of the element (the –). Note : If you reconnect the resistor, you can measure the voltage drop across it by simply connecting your meter to the resistor in parallel (see figure above) Measuring Current Current is measured in series with the element (resistor) and the meter. Set the meter for Amperes (A). Break the circuit between the resistor and the battery. Connect the Current terminal (A) to one of the loose ends and the Common terminal to the other loose end. The meter and resistor will now be in series (i.e., the same current will flow through the resistor and meter).
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PRE-LAB 1 1) What is the nominal resistance of the resistors described?
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