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LAB 3: STATIC STRAIN MEASUREMENT Strain measurements are typically made using a Wheatstone bridge setup. While you could set up a Wheatstone bridge using strain gages and a voltmeter, measure the voltage output, and then apply the Wheatstone bridge equation to find the actual strain, this process would become very tedious very quickly. For this reason, we use a strain measurement instrument called a strain box to do most of this work for us. The Strain Box The strain measurement instrument used in this laboratory exercise is the Vishay Measurements Group P-3500. This unit is a voltmeter that measures the output voltage of the Wheatstone bridge, applies the bridge equation internally, and outputs the measured strain directly. The unit also supplies the source voltage to the bridge. The strain box can be set up to measure strain in quarter-bridge, half-bridge, and full-bridge configurations. Instructions for use of the strain box are found on the inside cover along with diagrams of how to connect each of the bridges. Most of the dials have a manual lock on them; do not force a dial to turn if it is locked. Stress and Strain in a Cantilever Beam The strain beam holders used in this lab put the strain beams into a cantilever position. If a cantilever beam is loaded at the end, the stress and strain in the beam are largest closest to the support face. For this laboratory, place the
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Lab%203%20-%20Static%20Strain - LAB 3: STATIC STRAIN...

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