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LAB 6: FLOW MEASUREMENT Rotameters Rotameters are part of a class of meters called variable area meters. The rotameter consists of a tube of varying cross-sectional area (smaller area at the bottom of the tube, larger at the top). A “float” floats in the flow through the tube. The force of gravity downward balances the upward pressure force from the flow at a specific height in the tube. The side of the rotameter is scaled, and readings are typically taken from the top of the float. A calibration sheet relating these scale readings to actual flow rates for different fluids is provided with the rotameter. Hot Wire Anemometers Hot-wire anemometers measure flow speeds by measuring how much the resistance of a heated wire changes as the flow rate passes it. At higher flow rates, the wire is cooled more and thus the resistance decreases. Hot-wire anemometers are accurate even at high frequencies and are therefore frequently used to study turbulent flows.
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PRE-LAB 6 1) Explain the operating principle of a rotameter in your own words.
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