Week 6 assignment BUS 210 - Running head: JOB FAIR BROCHURE...

Week 6 assignment BUS 210
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Running head: JOB FAIR BROCHURE 1 Job Fair Brochure Kelli Lorenc COM/220 April 8, 2011 Justin Philipp
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JOB FAIR BROCHURE 2 Job Fair Brochure The name of our company is “Child Care Plus”. Our primary focus is to have a  solid structure providing lower cost child care to families by utilizing highly skilled  instructors, aids, medical personal and security.  We will provide adequate resources  such as using biometrics, having educational programs that are highly developed,  stimulating educational programs, and reducing staff to child ratio. The idea is simple  provide top of the line child care at an affordable rate.  The geographical area “Child Care Plus” will focus on will be Hemet, CA, an area in which many Parents have to travel out of town for work. So we will open earlier than other child care facilities in the area and close later to accommodate parents work schedule. Additionally, there are large urban areas in this geographic area that are in desperate need of reliable child care facility without excessive fees. Our philosophy leans toward making a child care facility that
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