Week 4 assignment BUS210

Week 4 assignment BUS210 - Running head: SWOT ANALYSIS 1...

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Running head: SWOT ANALYSIS 1 SWOT Analysis Kelli Lorenc BUS/210 April 24, 2011 Justin Philipp
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SWOT ANALYSIS 2 SWOT Analysis I choose the business plan “Kids Community College” a child care services. This business plan provides a lot of strengths and was well thought out. Owner Timothy Bernard Kilpatrick, has 17 years experience in executive (VP) management, budgeting and extensive knowledge in advanced technologies. Mr. Kilpatrick will have an industry consultant, campus director, VP of operational operations, they have an extensive background in childcare they will help the owner in daily operations. The industry consultant is extremely qualified will offer insight regarding rules, regulations, and government programs. This individual is extremely qualified to help the owner as they own a licensed daycare. The campuses director has a BS in education, two years as an operations manager a facility administrator, three years of grant writing experience, and five years of managerial experience. The Vice president has eight years of child care services, and extensive knowledge in dance, art, theater, five years of customer service experience. The VP also has college level public relations experience. Furthermore, the business plan expresses that they need an experienced CPA and that some of the current members need to obtain their child care development Associate credentials, which is a
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Week 4 assignment BUS210 - Running head: SWOT ANALYSIS 1...

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