COM105 week 1 checkpoint

COM105 week 1 checkpoint - tattoos and body piercings...

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Running head: EXPOSITORY ESSAY TOPIC 1 Expository essay topic Kelli Lorenc COM/105 January 26, 2011 Nanda Tewari
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EXPOSITORY ESSAY TOPIC 2 Expository essay topic I don’t plan to narrow my topic down because I have already picked the topic for my  expository essay. I will be writing about  Tattoos or body piercing, I choose this topic because I have 30 tattoos of my own with 4 body piercings it’s something I love and something I know enough about that I am comfortable writing and doing research to learn more about tattoos and body piercings. It’s a subject that I feel is not only interesting to me but to a lot of readers because a lot of people are interested in
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Unformatted text preview: tattoos and body piercings weather they have them or not. Furthermore, people want advice and knowledge on tattoos and body piercings before they get one. I find every aspect of the tattoo and piercing process interesting from the actual piercer and artist to the person receiving the tattoo. I like to find out why and someone picked out the tattoo their either getting or that they already have. I want to learn where tattoos and body piercings began and how they were integrated into America. I cant wait to learn everything I dont know and share the knowledge I do know....
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COM105 week 1 checkpoint - tattoos and body piercings...

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