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Kelli Lorenc Mrs. Vance English 098 21 May 2010 Legalizing illegal drugs Should illegal drugs be legalized in America? This is the question that has caused so much debate. What I don’t understand why tobacco is legal, it is a drug which kills approximately 400,000 people a year, and about 80,000 people die from alcohol use. With heroin, and cocaine combined there is less than 2,500 deaths from the use of those illegal drugs 1 , so with these numbers illegal drugs should be legalized. Furthermore legalizing drugs could boost our economy we would be spending less of the tax payers money on sending petty criminals, such as soft drug users, to jail. A soft drug user is a person, who mainly smokes marijuana.) Our country has 1.7 million Americans incarcerated; and nearly 80% of those people are in there because of drug offenses 1 . To arrest and a conviction is roughly $150,000, to get another bed in the prison is around $50,000 to $150,000. with the average sentence of 5 years being given out for a petty crime like drugs it cost $150,000 just to house the prisoner, to put and keep one drug dealer in jail runs our government around $450,000. That $450,000 could be used for so much more important things, like our schools we are taking so much away from our youth to incarcerate a single drug users. 2 America should legalize all drugs, but we should have clinics set up for our hard drug users, such as heroin and cocaine users. A place where someone can go in and purchase these drugs but they are limited to a certain amount per day. Also, in order to purchase the drugs they must purchase a fresh needle or pipe and they must use the drugs on site and dispose of all needles and pipes before leaving.
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drugs in america - Kelli Lorenc Mrs Vance English 098 21...

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