Week 3 checkpoint COM220

Week 3 checkpoint COM220 -...

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Running head: ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY  1 Annotated Bibliography Kelli Lorenc COM/220 April 13, 2011 Christina Nelson
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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY  2 Annotated Bibliography Blumenson, E., & Nilsen, E. (2009). NO RATIONAL BASIS: THE PRAGMATIC CASE FOR MARIJUANA LAW REFORM. , 17(1), 43-82. Retrieved from EBSCO host . This source is a great resource that provides information pertaining to marijuana prohibition the writers Blumenson, E., & Nilsen, E. Make suggestions for some alternative approaches to be more productive and consonant with justice. Doherty, B. (2011). Just a Matter of When?. Reason , 42(9), 32. Retrieved from EBSCO host . This is a great overview and in-depth article about prop 19, the significances to how close marijuana came to be legalized and the debates on why it should be legalized. Stateman, A. (2009, March 13). Can Marijuana Help Rescue California's Economy? []. Message posted to http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1884956,00.html
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Week 3 checkpoint COM220 -...

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