checkpoint part1 week 3 CRT205

checkpoint part1 week 3 CRT205 - attend" he...

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Running head: TAKEN CROWN 1 Taken Crown Kelli Lorenc CRT/205 February 8, 2011 Adina Solomon-Stein
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TAKEN CROWN 2 Taken Crown “Miss San Antonia goes to court to keep Crown” the website I used for this paper is  Domonique Ramirez, 17, Miss San Antonio has taken Bexar County Organization to court  because they have tried to strip her of her crown saying that she has violated her contract by  gaining weight, missing scheduled appearances for unauthorized paid appearances, and  coming to appearances with her parents or boyfriend; her lawyers claim "The contract says she  will be chaperoned and driven to every appearance and that her parents are not allowed to 
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Unformatted text preview: attend," he said. "Then they would call her and say she needs to get to events on her own” which she was unable to do because she was just barely 16. These claims do not conflict with my personal observation, the only one that I may have a problem with is that they striped her of her crown for gaining a few pounds because that is teaching young girls that they have to look a certain way and that can be damaging. I feel that the author is unbiased and trust worthy because the author portrays both sides fairly....
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checkpoint part1 week 3 CRT205 - attend" he...

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