CRT205 week1 assignment

CRT205 week1 assignment - Running head YES CAPITAL...

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Running head: YES! CAPITAL PUNISHMENT 1 YES! Capital punishment Kelli Lorenc CRT/205 January 31, 2011 Adina Solomon-Stein
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YES! CAPITAL PUNISHMENT 2 YES! Capital punishment There are many supporters for and against the death penalty. I am one of the supporters that capital punishment should be used in the United States. Many people that are against the death penalty feel that it is an inhumane practice. When death row inmate Angel Nieves Diaz was executed in Florida he died slowly and pain fully due to someone’s mess up during the execution. What happened in Florida has made supporters second guess how capital punishment should be administered and it has made those against it raise more issues towards the death penalty. I have to disagree with both sides because I personally don’t see that the way he died as a problem, because he executed Joseph Nagy over 21 years ago during a robbery. He was not humane in the way he murdered Joseph, Angel did not care how it affected any of this man’s family.
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CRT205 week1 assignment - Running head YES CAPITAL...

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