CRT205 week1 checkpoint

CRT205 week1 checkpoint - dont believe in organized...

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Running head: ETHICAL AND MORAL ISSUES 1 Ethical and moral issues Kelli Lorenc CRT/205 January 27, 2011 Adina Solomon-Stein
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ETHICAL AND MORAL ISSUES 2 Ethical and moral issues The key issue within the comic strip is that Tanya is stealing from her company and  trying to get Anita to do the same. I think Anita does suspend judgment to an extent before she  takes a position because she doesn’t tell Tanya that what she’s doing is wrong and it takes her  until the next day to report it and when Tanya told her she should do it she states that she’s  going to have to think about it. Anita uses both logic and moral value to make her decision  because she knows it’s risky and wrong when she calls HR. when Anita called HR she made  the right decision and took action to solve the problem she was facing.  I have had moral issues when it comes to family and their religious views. I personally 
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Unformatted text preview: dont believe in organized religion and my family is always trying to get me to come to church functions but I personally feel that its not okay for me to step into a church if I dont believe in organized religion. They dont understand this but I feel that its disrespectful to everyone that dose belong to that church for me to be there with my views. I feel that I use logic when it comes to this moral issue because I have chosen not to be involved in something that I have strong feelings against. I did solve this issue because I sat down and explained to my family my personal views and moral issues with going to church and it has stopped them from asking me and being upset that I do not attend these functions....
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CRT205 week1 checkpoint - dont believe in organized...

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