peer review week 3 CRT205

peer review week 3 CRT205 - major company could help our...

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Running head: PEER REVIEW 1 Peer Review Kelli Lorenc CRT/205 February 10, 2011 Adina Solomon-Stein
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PEER REVIEW 2 Peer Review I think this student did a great job and had some great point. This student did accurately identify the claims used for this paper; they stated that this is about the energy crisis in America and how Obama wants to handle it. I don’t agree with my classmate’s personal observation I don’t believe that we have the right to just take emery or drill for oil from other countries just because we are having a crisis I think by adding solar panels to every
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Unformatted text preview: major company could help our energy crisis. The observations are different because we both feel differently on the subject. I think my classmate made an accurate judgment about the authors biases and/or trustworthiness because he is a conservative but I have seen him deliver the truth in a good way. I was positive and professional when critiquing my fellow classmate I didnt feel that I had to criticize any errors. Furthermore I did ensure that the facts were straight....
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peer review week 3 CRT205 - major company could help our...

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