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week 5 checkpoint CRT205

week 5 checkpoint CRT205 - including his grandma I also...

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Running head: IDENTIFYING FALLACIES 1 Identifying Fallacies Kelli Lorenc CRT/205 February 24, 2011 Adina Solomon-Stein
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IDENTIFYING FALLACIES 2 Identifying Fallacies 2. The answer can be either Ad Hominem and perfectionist fallacies are relevant in this case, first with the Ad Hominem because the author attacks and belittles Andrea’s comments. It can also be seen as perfectionist fallacy because the author makes a side point that no matter the income it is murder. 3. Straw Man Fallacy; the divorcée uses the words/phrases, “rejects”, “publicly dumped” and “like they have leprosy”. By using these, the writer exaggerates a lot in an attempt to sway the audience into believing that divorce is harder than death. 5. Straw Man Fallacy; because he use exaggeration with is comment about carrying everything
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Unformatted text preview: including his grandma. I also think it could be an example of Ad Hominem because he directly attacks the joggers. 6. The writer is begging the question, he doesn’t give a cause for concern to why the white house would crumble if the figures in the white house are non Christian, the points he’s making are those of his own beliefs. 8. This is an example of begging the question because he doesn’t give a good argument for his own opinion. 9. The writer is misplacing the burden of proof; he’s arguing that he doesn’t use condoms because they don’t protect 100% from diseases, and not realizing that they have been known to prevent STD’s....
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week 5 checkpoint CRT205 - including his grandma I also...

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