Week 7 assignment CRT205

Week 7 assignment CRT205 - Running head: ARGUMENT...

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Unformatted text preview: Running head: ARGUMENT EVALUATION 1 Argument Evaluation Kelli Lorenc CRT/205 March 13, 2011 Adina Solomon-Stein ARGUMENT EVALUATION 2 Argument Evaluation The first argument was comparing the deaths from an attack to those in a natural disaster. The author used the example that “in 2001, an earthquake in Gujarat, India, killed approximately 20,000 people” against the terrorists attacks in 2001. The premise here is that our government didn’t react so strongly to the earth quake as they did to 9/11. The conclusion to this argument is that because the individual that were killed during 9/11 were American’s so there was a more extreme reaction than to those who were not Americans. The premise does not support the conclusion, the reaction to an attack caused on ones soil cannot reasonably be compared to the reaction of a natural disaster, because there is a difference when lives are taken by mother nature than when a group of individuals deliberately attack another group because of hatred people have...
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Week 7 assignment CRT205 - Running head: ARGUMENT...

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