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There are many differences between Muslims and Arabs; first of all, Muslim is an individual who accepts the Islamic religion whereas an Arab is a type of ethnicity or nationality. Secondly, Muslims can use different languages because they come from all over the world mainly Asia. On the other hand Arabs primarily speak the Arabic language and originate from the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and Syria. Nothing has changed in the United States concerning the treatment of Muslims or Arabic members of society. Things have only gotten worse for them they are all put into one category and all looked at negatively and as the enemy of the state. From what I have read the FBI can use race as a reason to open an investigation without any real reason. Some characteristics of Orientals is that there inferior to everyone else, furthermore their believed to be weak and that they want to be conquered. Orientals are looked at as they cannot
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Unformatted text preview: fend for themselves. One way individuals can promote tolerance and reduce prejudice within their towns and cities is thru teaching children that just because a few individuals do something like 911 for example not every single person in the Muslim or Arabic society bad or some to hate. Teaching children that just because someone is black, white, Mexican, and anyone else does not mean they are lower, less educated or bad in general is a way to stop prejudice is to teach children that there is bad people in every race and that one bad person does not define of make up the entire race. I say children because their our future and children can change the prejudice a society holds they are more willing to listen and learn not just judge like many adults do it is hard to change an adults mind because they have lived believing something for many years but children are still willing to listen....
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