ETH125 final paper

ETH125 final paper - Running head: RACE IN MY COMMUNITY 1...

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Running head: RACE IN MY COMMUNITY 1 Race in my community Kelli Lorenc ETH/125 January 23, 2011 Annette Gunter
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RACE IN MY COMMUNITY 2 Race in my community Racial profiling, racial discrimination, and racial injustice take place not only in my neighborhood, schools, my local government, the workforce but in every aspect of the community I live in. This is not due to a lack of diversity; because there is a wide range of races within my community. It’s due to the fact that many, whether African American, Caucasian, Mexican, Asian, and or Native American still live in the past and they live with ignorance in their hearts. With all the different races within my community there is a large number of Caucasians. I am a 25 year old white female so I do share the same skin tone as most of my community. However, within my race I am part of a smaller percentage for a few reason, first of all I have a considerable amount of tattoos. Secondly, I am married to a black man and we have two mixed race children. Third, I am a part of lower class society and on state assistance; and even though I share the same skin tone as my race I am looked at as different from the majority of Caucasians. The leaders of my community tend to racially profile those that are part of lower class society. For example, when the police come to my neighborhood they treat people like me as if I have done something wrong and they are hostile, and rude, they don’t speak to me or people like me with respect they will question people like and make us sit on the curb in front of our own house with our hands behind our back as if we’re suspect and even though I was the one that called them over a noise complaint. However, when they are brought out to middle to upper- class neighborhood they treat those people with respect and dignity. I asked Officer Bowman “why is it that lower class people are treated this way?” his response was “because lower class society is more likely to commit a crime and or become violent.” Furthermore, when it come to
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ETH125 final paper - Running head: RACE IN MY COMMUNITY 1...

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