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final checkpoint ETH125

final checkpoint ETH125 - Less than 53 percent would be...

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Running head: LEARNING AND REMEMBERING 1 Learning and remembering Kelli Lorenc ETH/125 January 18, 2010 Annette Gunter
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LEARNING AND REMEMBERING 2 Learning and remembering The information I learned about native American has helped me better understand them as a minority group I really thought they just had it made that they were rolling in money I believed that not only were they receiving money from the government but also receiving the money from casinos. But I was taught how wrong I was and I realized they were struggling just as bad as the rest of America. I have learned more about my heritage especially with the first week assignment I knew I was part Irish but I had no idea the struggles that Irish American faced when they migrated here but it was an amazing learning experience. By 2050 “
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Unformatted text preview: Less than 53 percent would be non-Hispanic White; 16 percent would be Black; 23 percent would be Hispanic origin; 10 percent would be Asian and Pacific Islander; and about 1 percent would be American Indian, Eskimo, and Aleut.” The only ways I think our country can prepare for the changing race and ethnicity is to help stop racism, because that is the biggest struggle also we need to be more strict on immigration laws so that this country can still stay free and fair to Americans. English needs to become mandatory to help keep things in order and so that individuals don’t have to learn several different languages to get a decent paying job....
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final checkpoint ETH125 - Less than 53 percent would be...

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