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Modern Challenges in Immigration

Modern Challenges in Immigration - to the United States and...

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Running head: MODERN CHALLENGES IN IMMIGRATION 1 Modern Challenges in Immigration Kelli Lorenc ETH/125 November 26, 2010 Annette Gunter
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MODERN CHALLENGES IN IMMIGRATION 2 Modern Challenges in Immigration Immigrating to the United States would be a choice of mine if I were from Mexico because there is a chance for me to make good money and the opportunity to have a better life for me and my family. Although the cost for a green card permanent residence can add up for just one individual I believe that it’s a reasonable price. I think the immigration process is fair it may not be easy but it is fair. Furthermore, the neutralization test is a great thing because not only do you need to know some English but you must also know how to write in some English, which I feel, is fair. Also you must answer questions that regard
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Unformatted text preview: to the United States and if you fail any portion of the test you have the right to retake it within 60 to 90 days of you interview. However, the government’s policy should not favor any immigrant over another, but I do feel that applicants that are oppressed and in the most need should come before those who are talented or rich, because, many come to this country for a chance at a better life and those whom have money already have a decent life. Applicants from oppressed countries like Cuba and North Korea should be given priority because of the difficulties and oppression they are faced with in their country....
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  • Immigration to the United States, modern challenges, Kelli Lorenc, Annette Gunter, Kelli Lorenc ETH/125

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