Checkpoint week 7 GEN125

Checkpoint week 7 GEN125 - supplement either later that day...

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Running head: READING AND COMPREHENSION  1 Reading and comprehension Kelli Lorenc GEN/125 January 5, 2011 Bethany Hoftiezer
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READING AND COMPREHENSION  2 Reading and comprehension Have an effective business presentation. Keep the audience on their feet Avoid overload so audience doesn’t shut down Do not use to much comedy  Use simple props to demonstrate your point Do not alienate the audience by using big words or phrases How to read and comprehend effectively Don’t try to master material immediately  Think positive know you can learn the material  Think critically ask yourself questions Build up your vocabulary  Have an open mind Define unclear concepts if needed ask questions My approach to reading this selection was to read chapter 4 one day and to read the 
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Unformatted text preview: supplement either later that day or the next day. I set it up so that I read chapter 4 on Monday while my son was napping and my daughter was at school and I read the supplement that night after my children were asleep in bed. Because I had read these documents while my children were either asleep or at school it allowed little distraction I also closed my garage down so that I would not be disturbed by neighbors or friends knocking on my door. I shut of my cell phone and turned off my TV. I was able to effectively read and understand what I was reading. These steps are normal for me when reading or doing homework....
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Checkpoint week 7 GEN125 - supplement either later that day...

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