Communicatinginforums - seem as though there are only male...

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Running head: COMMUNICATING IN FOURMS 1 Communicating in Forums Kelli Lorenc GEN/105 November 22, 2010 Bethany Hoftiezer
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COMMUNICATING IN FORUMS 2 Communicating in Forums Dear Anthony, It may not feel like the way you expressed your self was incorrect but when in a setting where you cannot stand face-to-face with your classmates they are unable to see you body language and the facial expressions you make which dose mean that you have to revaluate how you are speaking to individuals because some of the things that you wrote were taken the wrong way. And here are three things that could have been changed and I have also given you examples to how those things could have been changed so that your response didn’t come off offensive to anyone in the class. First, instead of saying business lady you could have said “a speaker at the conference spoke ….” Or used the term “business woman” those two are more appropriate than lady. Secondly, when you made the statement about “Managers and their wives” you made it
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Unformatted text preview: seem as though there are only male mangers and that can be extremely offensive to those of us women who work hard to get into a management position; so you could have rephrased it as “Mangers and their spouses”. Finally, you “recommended that any MAN…” you implied once again that only men want to move up and that women shouldn’t prepare for their future with in management. A way you could have rephrased that is “anyone looking to advance in the business world” or “any man or women. ..” just by changing the wording a little bit as you see above can save a lot of hassle and miscommunication. When talking about spouses it’s not a good idea to specified husband or wives because you don’t want to categorize people in that way. So I hope these ideas helped because when communicating in an on-line forum others don’t know you can’t see you so your word need to take into account every individual that you may or may not come across....
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Communicatinginforums - seem as though there are only male...

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