detecting plagerism

detecting plagerism - attend any other schools Furthermore...

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Running head: DETECTING PLAGIARISM 1 Detecting Plagiarism Kelli Lorenc GEN/105 Decenber 5, 2010 Bethany Hoftiezer
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DETECTING PLAGIARISM 2 Detecting Plagiarism When viewing the results it stated 96% plagiarized the only portion that was not plagiarized was the title page where I had my name course number date and instructors name and if it wasn’t for those items I am sure it would have been 100% plagiarized. It showed me exactly what was plagiarized in red and on the side it showed me where the information was plagiarized from. My first form of action would be to discuss this with the student and inform them of the severity of plagiarizing how it can cause them to be kicked out of school and can haunt them thru out other schools they may want to attend and how it could prevent them from being able to
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Unformatted text preview: attend any other schools. Furthermore, I would give the student a chance to rewrite the paper without the availability of credit but for a second chance to prove themselves. I would also explain to the student the plagiarism is dishonest that trying to pass another’s work off as yours is completely wrong and unethical that they are stealing. However, I would also inform the student that plagiarizing is not the only type of academic dishonesty that lying, fabrication, bribery, and sabotage are other form and none of those will be tolerated and can result in failure of the class or even worse expulsion. I would explain to the student that if it occurs again there will be no further chances and that I will report them and they will be kicked out of school immediately....
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detecting plagerism - attend any other schools Furthermore...

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