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gen105 final assignment - Running head: SURVIVAL GUIDE 1...

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Running head: SURVIVAL GUIDE 1 Survival Guide Kelli Lorenc GEN/105 January 22, 2011 Bethany Hoftiezer
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SURVIVAL GUIDE 2 Survival Guide 1. The first and most important thing to successes is knowing how and where to find Asia’s Educational Resources along with having the proper programs downloaded to you computer: Having the proper programs downloaded to my computer was my first task I had to make sure I had Microsoft office 97 or better. Adobe reader was necessary to open any files that were in PDF format. Thru Axia college I downloaded Riverpoint Writer which “is a formatting tool that plugs into Microsoft® Word to help you create a document that is consistent with the University’s Writing & Style Guidelines and the sixth edition of the APA Manual .” Having this downloaded and using this tool has allowed me to complete my assignments correctly. The university library is one of the most important tools that I have learned how to navigate thru. However, before I began to navigate thru the university library I found tutorial under the library tab than clicked the university library sub tab and on the right hand side I found the “view and research tutorial” and then I clicked on the Complete the University Library Interactive Tutorial and this taught me the proper way to search multiple databases with a single query and how to use the advanced search bar. Not only was it important to learn how to navigate thru the library but it was also important that I learn how to find key information within the articles and I find that if I read the first paragraph of the article, the summary of the article, and first sentence of each paragraph I am able to find what the key points will be.
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gen105 final assignment - Running head: SURVIVAL GUIDE 1...

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