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compare and contrast paper

compare and contrast paper - double chin Therefore in a...

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Lorenc 1 Kelli Lorenc Ms. Vance English 98-1108 04 march 2010 Compare and Contrast What I would want it to be In my perfect world, my life would be quite different in the areas of romance, personal appearance, and friends. I love my husband very much I truly do, but I hate the arguments that come and go over picking up the laundry, or whose turn it is to wake up in the morning and get the kids ready for school. If I had it my way we wouldn’t have any arguments he would just do as I say and say, “yes dear”. In my real world romance, things get extremely repetitive with the way we go about our day. Sometimes we forget to stop and acknowledge each other, or even make time for the two of us. So in my world things would be simpler if we would remember to say “please,” and “thank you.” Secondly, my personal appearance is not at all what I want it to be. I am little on the heavy side; I have stretch marks from giving birth to my two beautiful angels and a
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Unformatted text preview: double chin. Therefore, in a perfect world I would be about 20lbs lighter, with my flatter stomach back. I would love it if I did not have stretch marks, and my face was thinner. I wouldn’t even have to work out or watch what I ate. That would be a whole lot easier. Finally, my real social life could be a bit different, I only have two true friends, and the rest are known better as “acquaintances.” They have been known to stab me in the back, so I keep them at a distance. They are dishonest and full of spite. In my perfect world of friends they would be trustworthy, able to keep a secret, and they would not Lorenc 2 envy me for the man I have, the home I live in, or the two well disciplined children I raise. My romance, personal appearance, and friends I have would all make my life easier if I had my perfect world....
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compare and contrast paper - double chin Therefore in a...

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