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contrast pargraph peer review 1 (2)

contrast pargraph peer review 1 (2) - 1 Writer's Name Kelli...

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Writer's Name: Kelli Lorenc Reviewer's Name: Alicia Cibrian 1) Does the beginning of the paragraph grab you and make you want to keep reading? If so, how does it do this? If not, what could the writer do to make the opening more compelling? Write out the topic sentence. Does the topic sentence clearly state both subjects of the contrast? What are they? Circle the part that gives the topics or subjects. Underline the part that gives the attitude or opinion. Where is the topic sentence located? Is this location effective? Yes, because everyone wants a perfect world. The writer wrote; " my life would be quite different in the areas of romance, personal appearance, and friends." Yes, the topic sentence is located at the beginning of the paragraph 2) What is the overall feel of the paragraph? Does the writer show and clear preference for one subject over the other? Is so, which one? How can you tell? Yes, she expressed herself very clearly on what is her perfect world 3) Does the writer use block method or point-by-point method? If the writer uses point-by-point method, is he or she completely handling subject A for each point before moving to subject B, or has he or she broken it down to the details (overly divided it)? The writer is using point-by-point, and she did a great jog going from subject A to subject B 4) Concerning block method or point-by-point, do you think the writer chose the best method for the subjects being discussed? Does it matter which way the writer chose; it doesn't always matter, but sometimes it can really make a difference. Would you suggest that the writer switch to the other
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