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Kelli Lorenc Ms. Vance English 98-1108 24 February 2010 Cause or Effect Paragraph Chevro-legs The Effects of Cars Breaking Down are as follows, first transporting my children to school by seven a.m. now consists of me having to walk them to school. This takes twice as much time as it did when I had a working vehicle, in effect my son must use his inhaler more often each day and my daughter has had to go to the doctors several times. She has suffered ear infections, strep throat, and the flu. Secondly, trying to get to school myself is a whole other experience. Now I have to take three separate buses by eight a.m. This has become extremely difficult and has caused me to drop several of the classes
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Unformatted text preview: I was taking on campus, further more it has affected my plans for graduation. I will have to wait another year, while doubling my course load. Finally, it makes running errands much more difficult, like trying to pay my cable bill, which is across town and there is not a bus that goes directly by it. When I go grocery shopping now, I have to walk to the store and push my shopping cart back home. These two errands take me a whole day, when previously I would have only spent a couple of hours. Now that taking the bus and walking are my main means of transportation it has made life more difficult. So finding a new car has become a number one priority for me....
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