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Exemplification paper - so sick that she could barely get...

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Lorenc 1 Kelli Lorenc Ms. Anne Cox English 062 11 September 2009 Accountable for life My friend Maria is extremely responsible. To begin with her household finances are in order. One example is that when she gets paid the first thing she does is pay all of her bills even if it means there will be no money left over for the things she desires. Even if there is some money left over she usually spends it on the things her children need or want. School is another representation of how responsible she is. I have seen Maria attend every class even when she is not feeling well, continuously completing and turning in all of the required assignments, on time even if it means she gets little to no sleep. I have witnessed Maria attend school on days that she has been
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Unformatted text preview: so sick that she could barely get out of bed. The responsibility I have seen her have with her children is remarkable. For one thing she will put her life and her needs on hold for her for her children, like when she had planned a weekend getaway for herself, but in the end she canceled it at the last minute because her children needed new clothes and shoes. She has also left dates, work and even school to come home because they had a nightmare or they have gotten sick even when her mother or someone she trusted was there to take care of them, she puts her life on the back burn all the time just for her children. Many of her fellow peers strive for the responsibility that I have seen her have even during the most challenging times....
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