Kelli Loren1 - Saturday she makes a big breakfast which...

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Lorenc 1 Kelli Lorenc Ms. Anne Cox English 062 03 September 2009 The homemaker My idea of a homemaker is a person whom takes care of everything in the home. My friend Devon is what I consider the definition of a homemaker, when she puts together a party she goes all out. Devon will cook all the food, cut the vegetables for a vegetable platter, bake cookies, cupcakes, and so forth. She also makes homemade dip that she places in carved out bell peppers for decoration. She’s a stay at home mom who cleans every day, takes care of her two children, and her husband. When he comes home she makes dinner and serves everyone their plate, along with cutting it all up for her kids and she husband if need be. Every morning she gets up at 3 am to prepare her husband’s lunch, start his car so that he can get into a warm car, and then she sees him off and begins her day. Every
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Unformatted text preview: Saturday she makes a big breakfast which usually includes bacon, eggs, pancakes, sausage, and biscuits and gravy. While everyone is asleep she makes sure that all of their plates are made and ready to eat when they wake up. While everyone is sitting and enjoying their homemade breakfast she cleans up, gets her kids clothes ready for the day and makes sure her dog has food and water. She does occasionally enjoy a few television shows of her liking in between trying to teach her kids the skills they will need to know when they start school. Lorenc 1 But the majority of her day consists of things that will better her and her family’s lifestyle. If I could think of what the perfect homemaker is, she is my first thought. I am so glad to have met her and be as great f friends that we are....
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Kelli Loren1 - Saturday she makes a big breakfast which...

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