my peerreview 1 - Writer's Name Peer Review _ Kelli Lorenc_...

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Writer's Name _ Kelli Lorenc __ _ Reviewer's Name ____Edward Jordan________ Peer Review 1) What type of hook does this essay begin with? Write the hook here. Is it effective? Does it make you want to keep reading to find out what the writer is talking about? What does the writer have in the middle of the introductory paragraph: background material, preview, other information? Does the writer use the thesis statement given for the assignment? The opening line is the sentence given to close off the introductory paragraph, so the hook to me starts with “A child can if a parent allows learn about books, music, history, art, and current events all from his or her home in front of a television screen. One negative effect of television on children is violence in media and programming. Each time a child is left alone with a television to watch they can change the channel and watch anything they want.” There is a lot of additional information to help feed the body of the paper. 2) What is the first support? The writer should be discussing something either positive or negative about TV. Does this support seem sufficiently focused, or is it too broad to handle in only one paragraph? If it is too broad, suggest a sharper focus that the writer could concentrate on. Does the paragraph have a clear topic sentence? Write the topic sentence here. Which mode of rhetoric (tool of writing) is prevalent in this paragraph? Are there at least three major supports for the topic sentence? Does each of them have at least two details? Are the details
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my peerreview 1 - Writer's Name Peer Review _ Kelli Lorenc_...

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