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narrative paper 2 - eight hours a month They told me I need...

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Lorenc 1 Kelli Lorenc Ms. Anne Cox English 062 17 October 2009 Battle for My Kids When I took my son to the hospital for an asthma attack I had no idea it would end in a ten month CPS case. Once the doctor came in and checked my son out him ordered x-rays. I had brought up the fact that I was worried about the back of my sons head because it was a little flat, the doctor had told me, “not to worry that it’s common in children who lay on their back a lot.” To make me feel better he issued an x-ray for my sons head as well. About two hours later with no doctor in site I was speaking with the police and a social worker, whom were questioning me about a skull fracture my son had apparently received in the last 48 hours, I asked them several times “what are you talking about?” “Where’s the doctor?” “Can I please see the x-rays?” and all of my questions and requests went unanswered and unfulfilled. The next thing I know, my children were being taken away from and I was told that I’m not allowed to see them but
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Unformatted text preview: eight hours a month. They told me I need to begin parenting classes, anger management, counseling, along with going to take a psyche evaluation; I was also required to attend substance abuse classes, and random drug testing. I was going to court every month fighting for my children, and against allegations of child abuse. Finally I saved up enough money and hired a forensic doctor to do bone surveys of my children because I knew that these allegations were false. My son was only three months old when they took him and I had never hit him or my daughter. The forensic Lorenc 2 doctor finished up his reports and findings. He explained to me and the judge that there is no way my son has ever had a skull fracture or any other injuries, and neither had my 2 year old little girl. It took the court three more weeks before my children were handed back to me with apologies. To this day, the hospital cannot find the x-rays that apparently show my son with a skull fracture....
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narrative paper 2 - eight hours a month They told me I need...

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