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narrative paper 4 - was not going to begin do as she wanted...

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Kelli Lorenc Ms. Vance Dvance English 098 12 February 2010 Unconventional My mom and dad had me when they were sixteen. They were forced to marry. Which turned out to be a bad match after three more children they decided to divorce my dad remarried and wasn't around much my mom decided to relive her child hood when I was about 9 years old thats when I remember my mom beginning to drink alcohol. I was know in charge of cleaning the house cooking dinner along with hlping taking care and getting my little sisters ready to go to school. This went on until I was sixteen thru this time I had no rules or regulations I could do as I wanted and go where I wanted when ever I felt like it. And than my mom decided it was time to get clean after 7 years and she remarried and all of a sudden I was just a normal teenager she tired to tell me what I could and couldn't do when I should and shouldn't go out and I told her I have already been an adult for 7 years and that I
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Unformatted text preview: was not going to begin do as she wanted know when I've been taking care of my self for so long. So I moved out to live with my dad where I was able to do what I wanted as I had for so long and I've been on my own since I was 18 I have two beautiful children and thru all of my moms faults and mistakes while I was growing up she has helped me raise my children. although my mom had faults and made mistakes I do love her and we know have a relationship that is becoming strong and close it took time for forgiveness but I now know she feels bad and did the best she knew how to do and she handled things the only way she knew I no longer hold hatred or angry towards my mother and the way I was raised made me the strong person i am today and she helped me in my journey and continues to do so each and everyday....
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