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Robinson 1 Ms. Vance English 98-1150 1 February 2010 Narrative Peer Review My Motown Records Experience I was excited to say the least! I could not believe I was actually meting with a Motown Executive, pitching my songs. It was about a week prior to that day that I had met a lady who referred me to Guy Abrams at Mowtown. It was the result of her being laid off that led her to applying for temporary work at the company where I was working. As I was interviewing her I noticed her previous employer was Motown Records. That was interesting to me being a lyricist. It was funny, how I ended up telling her about my aspirations to become a song writer /singer when I was suppose to be interviewing her. As I was sharing with her my dreams she said “you can call Guy Abrams my Ex-Boss, tell him I referred you, he’s always looking for material.” I said “are you serious?” She said “yeah just give him a call.”
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Unformatted text preview: The next day I called Motown. When the receptionist answered, I asked , “may I speak to Guy Abrams please?” My call was transferred, he picked up the phone “Guy Abrams speaking.” I felt my heart beat so hard and fast. I told him how I was referred to him. He asked me “what can I do for you?” I told him I was an aspiring writer and have been writing since I was a child and that I’d like for him to hear some of my songs. He replied “oh so you might be a diamond in the rough huh?” I replied “ just may be.” He then arranged a date and time to meet with me and hear 3 songs lyrics and music. I immediately called Don a muscian friend of mine and told him I needed help. Don agreed to collaborate with me and the following week I was sitting in front of an A&R Executive pitching my songs at Motown Records....
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