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outline for english - jungle that is elementary school...

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Kelli Lorenc Ms. Vance English 98-1108 12 April 2010 Search paper Children and Television: Benefits and Harmful Effects First Paragraph 1. Thesis statement - The television is an unavoidable technology that shapes people's lives, one that can both benefit and harm its viewers. One benefit of television for young children is education. Each time a child is left alone with a television to watch they can change the channel and watch anything they want. The choices a child makes can be lacking in developmental/educational value and can cause them to lack the necessary lessons a child should have to develop and grow at a healthy social and cognitive rate. Second Paragraph 2. The young child needs to see and hear as they learn. They repeat these actions through play and mimic. The values and morals are reiterated in colorful ways which draw a child's attention and help them to learn and grow. As a child grows they will be able to use this information to benefit how they behave in the social
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Unformatted text preview: jungle that is elementary school. Third Paragraph 3. Yet, as a child cannot be watched at all times they will eventually be exposed to violence in the media and in television programing. The child will take what they see on the screen and try to mimic each and every situation they see good or bad because, a child lacks the knowledge of right and wrong with out guidance from an adult. The study proved children will always do as they see a adult do. If a child sees his mother beat up a teddy bear they will do the same to learn that action. Fourth Paragraph 1. In conclusion, benefits and harmful effects can come from watching television at an early age. Shows with no educational value are not necessary or developmentally appropriate for a child's needs. 2. If parents take time to learn all they can about the programs their child is watching they will be able to prevent, the harmful effects on a child television has....
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outline for english - jungle that is elementary school...

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